General Studio Policies

1. 48 Hour Fever Free - No one is permitted to attend class, rehearsals or events unless they are Fever Free for 48 hours.

2. Ages 6 & Under - If the performer is under the age of 6, a parent/guardian must be present at all times. Parents can wait in the lobby area and must be easily found to tend to child's individual needs outside of the rehearsal studio, such as going to the restroom, moral support, physical illness or injury.

3. Conduct - Performers and Families will be of good moral character, not using foul language or engaging in any activity that is not upholding the standards of Pas De Deux at all times. We have a no tolerance policy for physical or verbal assault to any child, parent or staff member. Only Performers, Choreographers, Directors, Teachers, Staff and Talent are allowed in the classrooms. Pas De Deux reserves the right to release any performer or family that does not abide by these and any other rules listed in newsletters, emails, brochures, and/or posted at the studio.

4. Jewelry - For the safety of your child and others, do not wear Jewelry to class.

5. Liability - Performers and parents/guardians will not hold Pas De Deux Hawaii, LLC Members, Staff, Producers, Directors and Program Coordinators liable for injury or death while taking classes, taking part in events, recitals or rehearsals and any other time they are at Pas De Deux's place of business or other affiliated events.

6. Parking - Industrial Zone - Park at your own risk. Pas De Deux Hawaii, Landlords and surrounding businesses will not be held liable for damage. (View Parking Rules)

7. Photo Waiver - Pas De Deux reserves the right to photograph performers in classes and rehearsals, during performances, concerts and events for the use of marketing and publicity. Your child's first and last name will only be used for artist development and promotion, ie programs.

8. Studio Closures Due To Weather or Unforeseen Events - No refunds, credits, or make-ups on group classes cancelled due to inclement weather or other unforeseen/uncontrollable events. Private vocal lessons can be refunded or credited.

9. TV/Film/Video Release - All rehearsals and scheduled dance, music or theatre classes and performances in front of or without a live studio audience will be video recorded for future programming on Television, Film and or Video and may be sold by and through Pas De Deux with an unlimited international release with no restrictions or payment to talent or subjects unless otherwise noted or negotiated.

10. Uniforms - Performers will purchase and wear the assigned class uniform clothing and shoes at PDD for all classes enrolled in and have hair fixed properly for their genre.

11. Vacation Policy - If a performer goes on vacation and notifies Pas De Deux in writing, we will hold your spot in the class as long as tuition is paid in full and on-time. Performers are able to attend make-up classes upon their return as long as the performer follows the Make-up class policy. If a performer drops the class for a vacation we cannot guarantee a spot in the desired class upon returning from vacation. If a class is near full in this situation, a performer should expect to be placed on the waitlist upon return.

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