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17. Attendance - Performer must attend 90% of regularly scheduled classes and rehearsals. If a performer does not attend class in 3 consecutive weeks without written notification of a trip, sickness or injury, they will be automatically dropped from the cast, daily call sheet and class billing will be due for classes missed.

18. Class Participation Requirement - Performers whose attitudes and lack of focus are distracting to the class will receive one verbal and one written warning before they are recast and released from the program.

19. Exam Week - Will be held annually during the first week of November to assess your child's growth and progress. No trials or make-ups during this week. Progress Reports will be handed out in class during exam week. Promotions, if any, will occur shortly after the progress reports are issued and your instructor will notify you by email.

20. Late Pick-Ups - Young performers must be picked up by parent/guardian immediately after classes end. A child not picked up more than 15 minutes after his/her last class ends will be charged a sitting charge of $1 for every minute after the allowed 15 minute pickup time.

21. Level Promotion Requirement - For promotions to apply; the student must be enrolled in applicable classes and tuition paid through the end of the session. Performers will be promoted in level based on their ability, attendance and attitude in class, outside of class and during performances and rehearsals. Teachers will notify parents of level promotions.

22. Level Requirements - If performers are not able to fulfill these requirements for intermediate/advanced Ballet, Jazz, or Hip Hop, enrollment into beginning level classes are recommended.

  • Intermediate Ballet: 2x per week plus an appropriate level Jazz 1x per week
  • Intermediate Jazz: 2x per week plus an appropriate level Ballet 1x per week
  • JR/SR Company Ballet & Jazz: 3x per week
  • Intermediate Hip Hop: 2x per week
  • JR/SR Company Hip Hop: 2x per week

    23. Private Vocal Policy for Musical Theatre - Musical Theatre Performers are NOT PERMITTED to take Private Vocal Lessons during any of the following days and times: Mondays from 5pm-8pm Thursdays or Fridays 7pm-9pm Saturdays from 2pm-9pm

    24. Session Time - Parents should be aware that in order for teachers and choreographers to stay on schedule, the last 3-5 minutes of every class will be used for brief parent communication, restroom breaks and change over of classes since groups typically start on the hour. So an hour class is really 55 minutes or a half hour class is 25 minutes.

    25. Trial Week - Trials are strongly encouraged to ensure that performers enjoy the class prior to registering. Tuition and registration fees are non-refundable. The first week of every month will be designated for FREE Trials. If the class is full, a trial cannot be permitted. Please call the front desk at 671-0350 to schedule a FREE Trial. Trials will not be permitted from August-November due to performance rehearsals and Exam Week. Performers need to be the age of the class they are trying or enrolling in by Jan. 1st. Performers must be fully potty trained in order to enroll. Families must schedule in advance for a trial and receive a confirmation that they are scheduled before coming to class. ALL trials, no matter what age or prior experience must trial in a beginning/Level 1 class. We do not offer Trials for Private Lessons.

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