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Brittnee Ferrell
Jazz & Tap Instructor

Brittnee Ferrell is a 32 year old Texan. Born and Raised. She started dancing when she was 2 in her family owned studio in Teague Texas, The Edge Dance Company, owned by her Aunt Anne Lucher. She trained in multiple styles including jazz, tap, and ballet, hip hop, contemporary, modern, and acro. She was a competitive dancer from the age of 3 holding numerous national titles.

Brittnee Performed with many prestigious dancers, and the highlight of her career was when she was asked to perform with Tapper and the Owner of Break the Floor, Jump, and Dancerpalooza, Gil Stroming, and Mike Minery on Broadway in the show version of "Break the Floor".

Brittnee's biggest passions are contemporary and tap, creating and perfoming. Brittnee's passion doesn't stop at teaching, but also to empower kids and young adults to be who they are and follow their passion with love and positivity in their hearts. She is strongly against bullying and would like to pass her passions along to every child she meets. Brittnee's style of dancing takes dancers out of their comfort zone and pushes dancers to see outside the box. "Embrace the Weird" She not only wants to shape young dancers, but to transform her dancers in artists and compassionate human beings.

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