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Sage learns Sportsmanship
May 12, 2013

Our daughter has learned that discipline and sportsmanship are also parts of being a dancer. Encouraging her every week and guiding her to exhibit good performance qualities have helped her reach her goals. The Dancer of the Day award was also a part of the motivation to strive to do better in dance class. Thank you, Pas De Deux, for helping her grow as a young lady. -Sage's Parents

Randie Dancer of the Day
April 12, 2013

Randie was so surprised and excited when she came out of her class with Ms. Kylie and showed us her Dancer of the Day certificate. She loves ballet. You'll always find her dancing at home, for friends and family - going to class is the highlight of her week. The Dancer of the Day title gave her that extra bit of encouragement to continue to do well in class and practice, practice, practice. It is so rewarding to see her hard work pay off. The joy on her face was priceless! Mahalo PDD!

Emily Queen of Hearts
March 21, 2013

Pas De Deux is my daughter Emily-Rae's second home. While there she feels safe and supported, cared for and loved. Emily-Rae is enrolled in a few of the many diverse ranges of classes which offers a presentation of high quality performances. The classes are engaging in the artistic process and helps to cultivate an appreciation of the performing arts. Mahalo to Jeremy and Wendy Gilbert and the PDD staff. -Love, Myrna-Lyn D. Abang

Theatre Diva Rachel
March 20, 2013

PDD has great teachers! When someone doesn't know a certain dance move, or has problems with pitch or with acting, it is taught step by step and with great care. I like how everyone is encouraging - - not just the teachers and staff, but the students and parents as well. When we are preparing for production, we are taught to work together as a team and to support each other. I have become a confident performer and have learned the values of being a gracious person. I have also met new people and made new friends. We have a lot of fun! Thanks to my inspirations, Wendy and Jeremy, who have supported me in other projects and encouraged me to further my training.

Triple Threat Jasmine
March 14, 2013

The vocal department at Pas De Deux is amazing. Mr. Chris and Ms. Sonya have both worked with my daughter Jasmine and she has shown such growth in her talent. They are in tune to your child's specific needs and know how best to develop their strengths. It's wonderful that the kids are able to showcase their skills at dance concerts as well as vocal recitals at various venues.

The greatest feeling for a dancer like my daughter is being onstage in front of an audience. I love how Pas De Deux allows the students wonderful opportunities to perform regularly. My daughter Jasmine loves performing and she is growing into a confident dancer. Ms. Annri shows her grace, Ms. Allicia shows her style and Ms. Allison shows her funk. I love that she gets such a well rounded dance background all in one place! She has learned not only how to dance, but that there is so much more into being a performer. Pas De Deux is shaping the stars of tomorrow!

Acting and Musical Theater allows the kids to learn in depth about character development and all aspects of being part of a successful show. The students learn technical terms, learn about timing and character interaction and so much more. There are many spots for students and always room for growth. Director Alan Shepard knows how to work with kids where they can get into a character and Mr. Chris and Ms. Sonya get the kids ready vocally. Their teamwork is evident in the wonderful shows that are produced twice a year.

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